State-of-the-art Infrastructuresfor Radio/Television Production and Broadcast Studios

Radio and TV channels operate different divisions and installations like in-bound or mobile production studios, program development centers, recording installations, broadcasting facilities, …

Professional production studios are usually furnished with high-tech equipment and up-to-date infrastructures for providing high-quality services.

In order to maintain the infrastructures updated and resilient, Samim Group offers various types of equipment and devices including signal converters, Distributors, Embedders and De-embedders, signal routers, production switchers, … which are essential items to form or upgrade production / broadcast studios and to modernize the related processes.

Broadcast Studios with a 24/7 Excellent Performance

The operating equipment and devices in Radio/TV broadcast studios must work 24/7 under pressure without even a minor interruption or black-out. There must also be backup equipment running on a redundant power supply so that an abrupt power cut does not halt broadcast services.

The equipment includes audio/video convertors, signal delayers, color correction tools, … which placed in the middle of the paths of studio output signals. Moreover, there are many other essential devices like audio/video switchers and routers, recording devices, Technical analysis tools of the signals, emergency switches, …. All these switches are securely controllable from a single console in a main central switch called the Central Matrix which can be used as the main signal distributor in production and broadcast studios.

Full HD Studio (1)

In-Solution Products


Video converters play a significan role in the integration of components in the content production chain. Our products can convert SD/HD/3G video signals and render quality contents using controls that can adjust parameters as required.


Here’s a variety of digital audio and video routers with different numbers of ports and the support of the latest industry standards. Also, flexible control panels provide easy-to-use remote configuration


Production Switchers are of the most essential equipment in any TV channel studios. They are mainly used for real time switching, modifying or creating video to provide the final output of production studios. Samim PVS-2024 is a high-reliable video production switcher with 24/7 available operability, designed and manufactured upon the latest broadcast technologies and standards. It is an all-inclusive production switcher with flexible scalability, perfect user experience and professional technical support


Audio/video distributors can direct audio/video signals from a single source to several devices. Audio/video distributors can also amplify, and offset signal losses and jitters.


This product is a modular card that can induce delays in asynchronous SD/HD/3G digital video and AES digital audio signal. This card is equipped with one video delay channel SDI and four independent embedded audio delay channels. This device performs the delay processing on the original signal without performing consecutive encode and decode operations; and fully perseveres the quality of the signal at delivered at the output ports.


Control panels are used in the configuration of audio/video routing matrix switchers. SAMIM produces single units and double units. The number of input and output ports and the matrix model determined which type fits the customer’s need.


SDI video signals can transport many audio signals. Audio embedder cards mix input analog or digital signals in the SDI signals and de-embedder cards extract the audio signals received at the output ports.


The SAMIM multi-viewers system is a professional image processing device. This device is a framework for modular digital video signal processing and it is an advanced system for monitoring SD/HD/3G signals with efficient performance in broadcast studios and monitoring centers.