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IT Solutions Provider

  • Hardware Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Digital Marketing

Confidence is the Result of Experience

We are your IT Suplier Partner

Hardware Solutions

If you want efficient Hardware setup, we can supply Client side from best  brans of Personal Computer, Mini PC and All-in-One, if you have a network we can supply your server side Hardware

Web Solutions

If you want to promote your business in the internet world, we have solutions for you such as Website Solutions, E-Commerce Soultions and Digital Web Marketing.

Digital Web Marketing

We do digital marketing by defining an effective strategy to drive traffic, increase users, convert them into customers and empower through SEO, Social Networks and Content Marketing.

Top Solutions

Modern Config

We offer the Best, State-of-the-Art Professional Hardware Solutions including Client and Server-Side Devices.

Great Value

Lowest Price, Highest Quality

Our Solutions are with the Highest Quality and the Best Prices. For Quality Assurance we design Tailored Solutions for You.


Design and Development is an important aspect of any Solution Project to reach a High Responsible Solution. 


A few facts about our company

Uniarma GmbH is a IT Company based in Germany.

Dozens of experts work with us and with the latest agile software development methodologies we offer you the best service at the lowest cost and on time. When developing web solutions or other types of software, we consider all aspects of software quality. The testing and quality control process is carefully followed at all stages of each project.

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