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Media Business Process Management System

Operational Capabilities


Process Monitoring

By MBPMS Process Monitoring Module, All the running processes can be tracked, monitored and analyzed. In addition, managers and users are always informed of their workflow progress situation and possible issues and bottlenecks.


Task Manager

By using task manager, system admins and other users are able to easily manage workflows and to track or to monitor the ongoing assigned tasks. Additionally, each user can view, perform or reassign their tasks easily.


Form Generator

MBPMS Form Generator`s graphical and friendly UI, lets system admins or other users to generate
adaptable and customized forms according to their special needs, requirements and organizational access levels.


Process Modeler

Process Modeler, provides an easy way to model all the routine and recurring processes based on BPMN2.0, DMN, CMMN standards, and assign them to specified single or groups of managers and operators.


Dashboard Manager

MBPMS Dashboard Manager helps system managers and users to customize their desired dashboards and UIs until they have a faster and easier access to different parts, modules, tools, …


System Manager

The System Manager Module provides facilities and tools to manage and monitor system users and their access levels in addition of machine resources.


Report Generator

MBPMS Report Generator lets system managers and users to build customized graphical and infographic reports, based on ready-to-use templates and tables.


Database Manager

Database Manager helps to manage data processing and preserving in various parts of the MBPMS system to ensure maintaining a powerful and responsive database.




Agility and intuition

Intuitive assignment of human and machine resources to system tasks and processes, faster request management, process improvement and repair, …


Modular Design

Easier System debugging, maintenance, support and upgrading since the system benefits from a modular design.



All the modules, tools, sub-systems, micro-services, … are consolidated together and operate integrally through a single software solution.


Cloud-ready Solution

System access and development only by a simple web browser without needing to install any software locally.


Scalability and Accessibility

System development and expansion with respect to the business growth. Faster response to system requests and intuitive resource assignments.


High Security and Reliability

Samim MBPMS is a highly accessible, secure and integrable system which provides complete security and protection over different business layers.