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Broadcasting Technology for Video/Audio Production

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Hardware Solutions Provider:

  • Server Solutions
  • Mini PC
  • All in One PC
  • Desktop PC

Confidence is the result of Experience

We Design and Supply your Hardware Requirements.

Server Solutions

If you need any Server Devices, we can supply among Brand like HP and Fujitsu Servers. If you want we can offer Solution Guaranty. 

Mini PC Offers

Despite desktop PCs, the mini PCs are so small that they can easily be attached to the back of a monitor, they are cheaper in price and power consumption.

All in One Offers

If you are looking for a visually appealing and space-saving computer, then all-in-one PCs are our best offer. We deliver for you from the best known brands.

Top Solutions

Modern Config

We offer the Best, State-of-the-Art Professional Hardware Solutions for Client side and Server side with Solution Guaranty. 

Great Value

Best Price

For Servers with Solution Guaranty our prices are great. For PC, depending on your Hardware Requirements such as Power Consumption, from Desktop PC, to Mini PC or All-in-One, we offer you the best options.

Modern Offers

We take into account all your needs, not only your technical requirements and your budget are important to us, but also stylish aspects.

Media Solutions

Our workflow





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