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Data Leakage Prevention/Data Right Management


Data are the most critical and valuable assets of companies regardless of their size and their businesses. In a zero perimeter world of information technology, everyone should should think twice about their security paradigm because breaches are inevitable, but losing data is not. In order to better deal with today's cyber security attacks and minimize the risks associated with them, we have combined both data lose prevention and digital rights managements in a single product with a preventive approach. With the use of standard encryption algorithms, all data encrypted on-the-fly and without any interaction.

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We are a group of Software Development Companies. We:
    - have well-educated and experienced IT specialists,
    - cover software lifecycle completely including analyze, design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and support,
    - develop different kinds of Smart Software Applications and Games,
    - in Desktop(Windows) and Mobile(Android, iOS) environments,
    - with high quality and very low prices
    - and in a short time by using rapid software development methodologies like XP